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Frequently Asked Questions



Right! We all know that sometimes windy weather can ruin the day. So, in order to avoid driving here and finding us closed, we highly recommend checking the weather online and give us a call. If we think that the weather is not good or ideal, we will let you know.

"How do we get there?"

Well, there are few options to come to us.

You can get the Green Bus which starts from Corfu and more details can be found here: 

Or you can book your taxi here: 

Walking to us:
You could try to walk to us, but you will need to start walking one day before!!! 🤣😂

"So, we have just arrived! where do we park?"

There is a big parking area which costs 4 euros all day and is located 30 meters from us.

"What if we have never hired a boat before?" We say "don't worry, be happy!":):):)

A short detailed induction training will be given by one of our experienced staff prior to renting your boat. This covers aspects of boat use, mooring, and safety.

Please note that it is not a good idea to not be listening to what we will tell you at that "teaching" time! Causing damage will for sure end up with a bad fear experience out there plus the charge to repair the engine or the boat.

There is insurance only for 3rd party accidents. Insurances will not cover damages caused by you to our boat or engine.

So be the best students in our class! :)

"How do I book a boat?"

All bookings are processed online ONLY. You can pay using Paypal or a credit card. Please make sure that you have a decent internet connection because redirection from our website to the payment gateway can be lost. In case of failure in payment please contact us at once via email at info@corfurentaboat.com to see how we will secure your booking.

"How about the fuel? How is it paid? How much should I expect to pay?" 

The fuel has always been trouble! Not with us! At the end of your day, we will measure together the fuel consumption and you will pay ONLY for what you have used!

It is always paid in cash, as we do not sell fuel, we do not want to increase our income from this source of payment. So remember "Fuel is paid in cash".

Fuel's price is the price of the fuel that we get in Doukades Local BP Station plus 10 cents extra for the transfer here.

With our boats the last 3 years we measure consumptions from 8 to 15 euro for all day. This means driving with a normal speed.

"What if the weather does not allow us to take the boat?"

We will try to change the dates! If this is not possible (either from our side or your side) then we will return your deposit no questions asked within the next 7 days! Please note that for multi-day reservations we will refund on a day-by-day basis. So in case you booked 3 days and the weather was bad for only one day, we will refund this day only. On the other days, we expect you as scheduled.

Refunds and cancellations are accepted only for bad weather. Reasons to not issue refund are everything else!

In case of cancellation, you MUST ask for a refund using the available button in your PayPal account. This will help us locate your reservation and make things easier for both sides.

You may cancel your reservation up to 30 days earlier. Cancelling after this limit your deposit is not refunded.

"Where can we go?"

All clients are provided with a map. We also have a suggested itinerary.

"How many people can use the boat?"

 Our boats can carry from one to eight people, depending on the specifications of the boat.

"How long can we hire the boat for?"

Our boats can be booked from 09:30 to 18.30 / 19.00 for June, July, and August. Then until 15:30 in May, September and October.

However, it is recommended that you arrive promptly to ensure that you make the most of your day and the time available.

"What if the weather changes?"

We regularly, patrol the coast ensuring that you are safe and happy. This means that you are also on hand to attend to any unforeseen problems. Should the wind pick up and you seem to have any problems we will rapidly find you and accompany you safely back to Ampelaki beach.

"Are there any restrictions as to who captains a boat?"

Anybody above the age of 18 can captain a boat. Drinking alcohol and driving is not allowed.

"Can I rent out a speedboat?"

Any boat above 30hp needs a speedboat license.


  • All of our boats meet and surpass the terms of EU regulations and Greek legislation.
  • All boats are provided with life jackets, (life jackets for small infants available on request), flares, whistles, lifebelts, first aid kits, and oars.
  • The boats are all guaranteed to be completely seaworthy and in safe working order and have all been inspected and certified by the Corfu Port Police.


  1. Reservations are automatically cancelled if a deposit is not made within 60 minutes of your reservation
  2. Refunds occur once a week. So in case you have been entitled to a refund, allow us up to 7 days.
  3. Above 30hp engine, a driving license is required
  4. The petrol/fuel is paid extra IN CASH and it is not included in the price
  5. Life jackets, all saving equipment and a box of first aid exist on the boat
  6. Watch out and keep clear of shallow areas
  7. Always look out for swimmers and snorkelers AND KEEP DISTANCE OF 150 METERS
  8. Do not head towards Mathraki, Erikousa, and Othonoi islands.
  9. Look for changes in the weather and in case of bad weather turn around and HEAD back to us
  10. Stay away from big boats because they cause big and dangerous waves
  11. Give way to other vessels to your right
  12. Keep within the area limits to ensure a quick and safe recovery service if necessary
  13. Do not give alcohol to the skipper, responsibilities sanctions as in the car driving
  14. Third-party insurance is included in the price (does not cover damages on the engine or the boat)