Ampelaki boats in Paleokastritsa was established more than 25 years ago and ever since we have not stopped improving our services towards our valued customers. We will always go that extra mile to keep every single customer satisfied. Paleokastritsa is located on the northwest coast of Corfu. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful resorts of Corfu.

About Paleokastritsa and the beaches nearby.


Paleokastritsa is situated on the northwest coast of Corfu, 25 km from the the airport as well as from Corfu town. The resort is hilly and nestles beneath the folds of steep verdant slopes of olive groves and citrus orchards. Paleokastritsa has long been considered one of the most beautiful villages in Corfu and is a renowned Greek beauty spot.

The west coast of Corfu and especially the coast around Paleokastritsa is a good reason to hire a boat and explore the beaches. Some of them are barely visited by the vast majority of people, offering a kind of privacy! The best beaches in the area of Paleokastritsa are reached only by boat.

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About Paleokastritsa resort.

Paleokastritsa resort  and Boat rentals.

There are two most known and important caves that you will be visiting. The first one is called Nausica Cave, named after the daughter of the King of the Phaeacians. It is said that she found in there Odysseus and nursed him back to health. The second most worthseeing one is called Blue Eye due to a patch of incredibly blue water which resembles an eye.

Above the main coast on a hillside full of wild trees and olive trees facing the deep blue sea stand the Monastery of Theotokos. The Monastery was built around 12th  century and inside in one of the cells a museum has been founded with Byzantine and post Byzantine icons. Int the main courtyard of the monastery there is also an old well where you can throw a coin and make a a wish which with the blessings of Virgin Mary Theotokos it will probably come true.

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