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Beaches in Paleokastritsa and nearby area.



The two photos below show exactly how far from here you can go!
Please note that heading beyond these boundaries you are highly exposed to significant fines by the port police.
Also, the northern spot you can reach is Stelari Beach. Beyond this spot, hidden rocks are under the surface and damage to the boat or the engine can happen. In such a case, you will be charged the costs to repair the boat or the engine, or both, as well as the days that the boat will be offline.


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Where to go!

Below are some of the most visited beaches of the west side of Corfu! You can easily reach there with your boat.

Please note that you can reach Porto Timono to the west side of Paleokastritsa and not any further.

And you can reach Stelari beach and bit further to the end of this area and no further. (See map below)